Monday, July 05, 2010


Yesterday could possibly have been my favorite 4th of July in recent memory.

There was a substitute organist at church who played so well that it made my church job a total breeze, and who seemed to think I wasn't so bad either-- which put me in a stellar mood for the rest of the day. Went home, ate lunch, put on bathing suits and went straight out to my mom's marina where there is a pool. Drank beer by said pool, read tabloid magazines, and relaxed. Then, made dinner and strawberry shortcake that was SO good.

The fire works were great, and being with all the boats, it was just really beautiful and perfect.

Today, I went over all my recital rep for this sunday, baked bread and made soft pretzels! it was a very productive day. And I feel so good that I am not even worreid in the least about going to work tomorrow or rehearsal tomorrow night.

Yay for holidays.

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