Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Well, not that you particularly care, but OMG this weekend has done my voice in. Tonight's rehearsal will be *interesting.*

Last night, to further self-sabotage any efforts to not look like a gigantic whale, I made a miraculous pasta dish that rocked my world entirely, and frankly, reminds me why life is too short to not pretty much eat what you want. At least in small portions. I didn't over do it last night, and I had a salad, so how bad could it have been. In case you are interested and haven't seen the post on my facebook, here is the recipe!

I have a theory that if you are working hard at being very disciplined in all areas of your life, there will inevitably be just one, no matter how hard you try, that just goes completely out of control. So, I have been been productive as far as my singing goes, as I mentioned in previous blogs, I've made an effort to spend time with friends (and am SO glad I have), even though I am turning into a bit of a homebody, I have significantly upped my intake of fruits and vegetables, and am demonstrating heroic moderation in drinking wine, even though it is summer and we could all be lushes if we wanted to. So it follows that the part that has really taken a dive is going to the gym. I have to say I just really dislike sweating and feeling yucky. Even if I try to tell myself I feel better afterward, sigh... I really actually don't. Joe is so motivated and fabulous in this area and has the gorgeous physique to show for it, that I feel a bit guilty every so often, but then I remember how horrible it is to have to take your morning shower at the gym and put your make-up on at your desk, and how I basically feel sweaty the rest of the day.

I am really starting to think that maybe yoga is the best fitness answer for me. I need to look into this. Is there a cheap yoga option where girls with big hips will not be looked down upon?

I welcome your comments!

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Miss Z said...

Although it won't replace my beloved step class, I'm starting to become a fan of exercise videos...you don't have the irritation of showering at the gym, (which does suck), its cheap, and there's no travel time to get there :)