Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I just got back with having drinks with Miss Bohemus...as Pierce used to say. Wow did we have a great time.

Oh my, all our friends are having babies... and twins, yet. It is so perplexing. And yet, I suppose, if I were having a baby in general, I would choose to have twins because it is more efficient.

I don't know. I would miss wine and coffee a great deal.

And sharing Joe with anyone, even a seven pound child, would not be my idea of fun.

But I do love babies. And I make an excellent Auntie/Godmother. I am great at present-giving and holding/calming/diaper-changing/baby-sitting.

I have heard others say that it is vital to have children because you need someone to take care of you when you are old. This is sensible, really. But I suspect that something beyond sense is important when making these types of decisions. You need to WANT to do it. I'm not there yet. Maybe someday I will be.

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R. HANEL said...

LOVE this one lol