Wednesday, January 05, 2011


News Flash:

I got the Pioneer Woman Cookbook for Christmas, after being obsessed with her fabulous website for a long time.

So far I've made two of the recipes from the book (although I have cooked many from the website) and they both turned out smashingly. EVERYTHING she makes is home food-- nothing hoity-toity. Which, I maintain, is usually the way to go around our house. If I'm in the mood for a fancy meal, I'll probably go to a fancy restaurant where a well-trained chef can make it for me.

But, in a rare moment of non-singing bloggery, cook something off this website and you will be glad you did. Among my favorites include the unreal steak salad with fried onions, the mozzerella sticks, the sherried tomato soup, pasta with pancetta and leeks, the pot roast, a fabulous pots de creme and next on my list is her cajun chicken pasta!

Run, don't walk!

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