Friday, March 04, 2011


Never mix up the containers on your bathroom counter. You will burn your eye with hydrogen peroxide solution like I did yesterday morning. Not one of my finer moments, and I had to walk around the whole day looking like a vampire. And I had to call in sick to work because of the excruciating pain. But I went to the audition I had scheduled. Red eye of death and all. I was pretty proud of my sheer will to persevere, although, I probably put the panel off their feed for the rest of the day, with my scariness. I really should have rescheduled. At any rate, tonight is another concert, and the eye is healing nicely. By this evening, I should look like a human being again.

Tomorrow, I had hoped to a little chance to sleep in, but I've got a staging rehearsal at 10 am, and teaching at 12:30. And after THAT I will learn my anthem for church and then drink myself into oblivion.

Or something like that. Probably not oblivion. Maybe a couple glasses.

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