Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I'm having one of those days when I am pretty sure I am forgetting things. Like a lot of of things.

My car is fixed now, thank god. I will actually be able to go places. Now, if I could just find time to fit in a shopping trip...hmmm maybe in early April.

Excuse me, but it's now time for me to go live and breathe Micaela, the role that absolutely highlights any trouble we lyric sopranos might have in the passagio. When I am fresh, it's easy as pie, if I apply lots of energy and all my focus. When I'm tired, as I was last night, it can be a real trial to stay resonant and in tune. It's funny when it finally dawns on you that you can't do the thing where you use your youth as an excuse...that a little shakiness here or there, lack of focus in the tone, pitchiness, is no longer really something you can get away with. It's my job to sing it right and make it look easy, to put the audience at ease, so that they can enjoy what Bizet wrote. A person like Micaela should make them feel sorry for her, but not because she is having trouble with the B natural.

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