Friday, June 17, 2011


Things I like today:

- the new Pioneer Woman recipe for smoked gouda pasta salad.

- pre-flight parking services

- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear color "Grey Area." It makes me look subtly trendy. It's sad when the only rush you get all day is looking down at your manicure.

- going to Subway for lunch for the first time in probably years.

- Extreme Couponing-- the new show on TLC. Wow I get tooo excited every time I see those numbers on the cash register going down down down.

Things I do not like today to the point of hating:

- My voice is dead meat and I have a rehearsal with a pianist with whom I have never worked and that is just bad.

- Waiting to hear back from one person so you can tell the other person a vital piece of information.

- When the wind blows my skirt up around my chin and my hands are full and I cannot get it back down in order to avoid having the entire world see my underwear.

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