Friday, September 09, 2011


There are a lot of reasons that being a lyric soprano works for me. The main one is that it's the music my voice likes, but the second best reason is that the characters and I have a lot in common. I tend to smile a lot. I'm a romantic. I weep over lost love. Wait... well, I would weep. If there were something to weep about. And I cry in movies a ton. So that kind of counts.

So now I'm working on a character that doesn't really seem to have anything great or redeeming about her at all. In fact she's a sociopath. The Warren Jeffs of Handel Operas, if you will. She just uses people and throws them away. The one thing I admittedly love about Alcina is the fact that she's gorgeous and is adept at seduction. All girls like to play those kinds of people...but then there's the side of her that is pretty mean indeed. to access my inner sociopath?


It's in there some where. I'm capable of meanness. Like when someone walks out in the middle of the street when I'm driving and have a green light, I totally freak out. Or when people take advantage of Joe by not giving him their music in plenty of time before he has to play it.

Okay, I'll just think about that while I'm singing.

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