Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday: leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow I leave for my little audition overnighter, and I'm really excited. I love going places by myself. I get so few opportunities to really be with myself, as weird as that sounds, that I'm kind of looking forward to it.

That being said, there is always a modicum of anxiety that enters my little brain when considering what to pack and what to wear on the plane. Why? It's not that big of a deal, and I'm not going to like Pakistan or anything. Where I'm going, there's sure to be a Target and a CVS should I need one. But I have this sense that when I'm in an airport surrounded by hundreds of people, it's not going to make me feel good if I look at all schlumpy or disheveled. But you still want to be comfy and warm. So, I'm thinking this is a job for a favorite member of my wardrobe family: leggings.

I've got my amazing pumpkin spice granola (comment if you'd like the recipe!), my green tea, my vick's vapo rub for use under my nose during flights. It is my theory that it keeps the germs out...and it definitely makes people avoid trying to converse with me because I look like a freak. I'm hoping Joe will loan me his noise-cancelling earphones...but we'll see about that. I've got my GPS for rental car driving and audition venue finding. I'm taking one pair of audition shoes and a choice of two dresses...we'll see which I feel like wearing the day of. goes!

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