Sunday, December 30, 2012


2012, oh how you have yanked me from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other!  What a year it has been with great triumphs and horrible stresses.  But that is the way every year is, after all!  Thinking back, though, a few things stand out.

1. It has been an unbelievable year with friends and family-- bonds were created and renewed and strengthened.  This year I have felt more surrounded with love than ever before, and it gives me an immense sense of well being.

2.  I've made it to a weight loss goal that I never expected.  More to go, of course, but I made it this far, and I am empowered by the feeling that I have the ability to change myself.  I am reminded that I am in charge of my life.

3.  Joe and I had a spectacular summer with lots of time together. 

4.  The death of my teacher was a terrific loss.  He was a rock in my life, in many ways.  But the hole he left forced me to be brave and look for new ears to hear me and to listen to myself and my intuition as I searched for the next person who would be my professional mentor.  Over the weeks and months, its become clear I made the right decision.  The experience has also taught me that I know a lot and have had a lot of experiences, and that I know deep down what is best for myself, if I listen to me instead of all the voices that want to have a say.

5.  I have learned that at a certain point there is no sense in being nervous.

6.  I have learned that certain things aren't worth worrying about, but how not to worry...that is another year's worth of work!  But I am getting so much better at letting things go.

7.  I have learned that making my bed everyday is essential to feeling good about my day and about going to bed at night.

8.  I have learned that its important to keep the circle of vocal mentors small and carefully chosen.

9.  I have learned that getting dressed in the morning can be a delight and the very nicest thing I could do for myself is to make the effort to look put together everyday.  It changes my whole outlook on life.

10.  I have learned that when something is right, it flows.  It works out.  No sweat.  When it is a horrible struggle, there is always a lesson to be learned.

What will 2013 hold?  What will my resolutions be?  I'll be thinking about that a lot over the next few days...

Happy almost new year!

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