Saturday, March 16, 2013

A blog from the bus

Everything is fabulous today and I am already looking forward to my grilled cheese, but I seem to have forgotten to bring water on le bus and am unduly parched.

Finished the taxes last night with a little help from Joe when I got tired and started to melt down.  It feels good and was a major triumph to have that behind me!!!!

I feel slightly bad that as an Irish person I am venturing into NYC on the day of the big parade and am wearing a sleekly conservative bus-friendly ensemble of grey and black, when my brethren will be donning all manner and diverse shades of green.

A shout out also to my husband extraordinaire who accidentally stepped in cat puke this morning while shuffling me out the door.  It seems that Madamoiselle Mimi had been munching on the tulips.

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