Saturday, March 23, 2013

Busy getting ready

Hey friends!!! It's been a busy couple weeks with competitions and prep galore!  Tomorrow I leave for the one in Florida...not a bad place to be with a storm on its way to the East Coast!!! I have my shoes and my dresses lined up and I'm excited.  It's tough to get used to being away from Joe for ten days, but such is life.  I'll never forget the five weeks he was away in Northern Italy for a competition once. Oh my word it was a long time.  But musicians have to do these things.

It's kind of weird to think that this is the very first time I will be singing opera during Holy Week and Pesach instead of liturgical gigs.  It's the first time in years that I won't be among the vocally shredded masses of singers making a buck.

I'll be checking in with you very soon... When I am snugly installed at my home stay.

Happy Saturday night all!


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