Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Yesterday's audition was, well...a bit lackluster.  The circumstances probably didn't help, but to quote a friend, in this case I did not "set the world alight."  Nothing particularly bad about it, just not fabulous.

That being said, every time I have an audition, I feel like I learn something new about myself and my voice, which is one of the reasons I feel I enjoy auditioning so much.  It's really a rush.

On the way home a new and particularly stressful flavor of family drama began, with texts, calls, and eventually a total come-to-jesus with my mom.  Part of it went down while sitting at the pool (I'd gone straight there after my audition), which really made it only slightly better, and in some ways more stressful because I was staring down at my partially naked body in a swimsuit the whole time.  Add to that the fact that Joe keeps buying bags of chips and bringing them to the pool.  I can say with certainty I have no ability to control myself in the presence of potato chips, especially the kind pictured to the left.  They are the single most wonderful and most hated food in my life.  If and when I evolve into an all-powerful deity, the first thing I will do is create potato chips with no calories or cholesterol or anything.

I really should have been practicing, but after dinner, Joe and I decided to go out to thrift stores and find more fabulous artwork for our walls.  We were wholly unsuccessful, but we did end up with some watermelon and cantelope which I am hoping can now take the place of chips at pool-time.  Well...nothing could ever take the place of chips...but, you know what I mean.

Ahh life.  What a series of ups and downs it is.  But in the summer time and at Christmas it is really great.  And lots of times in between.

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