Monday, March 03, 2008

I love it outside

Although today is particularly deceptive and bratty, because there's absolutely no way we could hope for it to stick around. The weather! 65 and sunny! And I'm here at a desk? Sigh...

I wish it had been like this on Sunday, when after barely making it through church job number one (partied a leeeetle too much on Saturday night. Whoopsie), I got to church job number two only to discover that the heat was broken. Did the minister thoughtfully shorten the service and get rid of the superfluous bits so that we could all go home and thaw out? Did he suggest that we run up and down the aisles to get the feeling back in our ice-block-feet again? No. He did neither, and in fact, he made the service longer, and added what seemed like many extra pages to his sermon. Our teeth were chattering as we stood in our coats and scarves in the choir loft, desperately listening for our cues as our organist couldn't get her poor frozen fingers to the right keys in time.

We'll chalk it up to another one of the many reasons I think I need to cut it down to one church per Sunday. By the second liturgy, you've kind of lost patience for this sort of thing. Frost bite and bad hymn arrangements for choir don't mix.

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