Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting up on my high horse

When I was in grad school, Ms. N and I use to scream at each other to "Get up on your high horse, girl!" Because it always seemed that believing your were fabulous would somehow, magically make it come true.

That is just exactly what I need to work on NOW. It's been a couple years since the grad school days, and I've decided that I can either let the odds and the bitches get me down, or I can become my own cheering section and my own favorite friend. It seems I might have accidentally spent (read: wasted) many years working a 168 hour week as my own worst critic.

I went to the most wonderful performance last night of Roméo et Juliette and oh my goodness. I cried and cried. Why can't I go to operas like that every day? The kind that remind me why I want to sing and why opera is so freaking good?

The other great thing yesterday was that I got paid to listen to singing all day, and one person in particular inspired me like crazy-- watching her was like taking a voice lesson, in the best possible sense. Besides the other questions that were going through my head like: "And you're still in school, why?" I went home tired but light-hearted, and all the problems (scary stuff with my voice, people! Damn that Easter marathon of drama!) I was having just days before were all but gone.

Getting behind myself is my number one goal for, well, the rest of my life.

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