Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It worked.


I won something, got some money, and now get to give another performance.

It's small, but even small things are big in their own way. If for even one day you have an excuse to feel reallllly good about yourself, then it was worth it.

So today, I go on. What next-- a trio of Handel arias, Sibelius, and I think CC and I have a deal-- the soprano stuff from Messiah?

And, I've decided to forego a trip to Vegas for an audition. Ridiculous? Yes, probably.

Tonight: drinks and a cute outfit. If I can put one together.


Hilary said...

Hey, congrats Jess!!!!

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Brava Jessica!!!!

Completely Coloratura said...

Congrats to you, Jess!!

And yeah, we must definitely get the Messiah stuff learned. Just cuz I'm curious, what trio of Handel arias are you learning?

Jessica said...

CC, I'm learning Care selve, Bel piacere, and Ch'io mai vi possa, at the suggestion of my voice teacher. It would be cute on a recital, don't you think?