Monday, April 28, 2008


On Saturday, I had one of the oddest auditions of my life. It was really more like a voice lesson. I can't decide if I should be flattered or not. Probably not. Because if I had been PERFECT, then, there would be nothing to say. But if I sucked, there would be no reason to try to tweak me. So, as always, no sense in trying to understand these things. I am forced to take it at face value. Joe and I walked away, sweating like crazy, as the building had been badly ventilated, and it was HOT. When we got in the car, we looked at each other in consternation. It took some time to process the whole thing, let me tell you. In any case, I was told I would be hearing from them-- gotta love that. More waiting by the phone.

Then, I rushed back to work the Gala at my place of employment, a long night, but the orchestra played well, and all in all, I was rather proud, in some ways. Wow, if that isn't a vague sentence. But, whatever.

Sunday, after church job, I took some time to work on Italian on Rosetta Stone. I love it!!! It's so great. All of you need to get it. Next, I'm doing French, because it's just so fun.

Then, we got dressed up and went off to the Cathedral for our confirmation service. Yes, my mom and I and Joe decided to become official Episcopalians. It was not without much thought I came to this conclusion, since you all know I'm rather attached to Eastern religion too. But, there we were, in the pew, with all our fellow "confirmans." Or whatever we were supposed to be called. It was quite a long thing, with a couple of hilarious flubs during the service, and some interesting noodling from the organist that made the whole thing quite a lot of fun. Joe and I were constantly elbowing each other. Not to say that I didn't take it seriously, because, people, any time do my hair and wear brown crocodile heels, it's for real. Afterwards, the three of us, plus my confirmation sponsor went to Pei Wei for a classy dinner. After the two hour service, I was starved, and when everyone got their food but me, I had a hunger-related freak out at the server.

Today, another audition road trip after work, and more good news for Joe!

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