Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today has been a good day-- my heart flooded with relief when I saw the number of the director from an opera company that shall remain nameless flash up on my phone this morning...HE CALLED!!

At last, he called, and I'm doing Lauretta in Schicchi, for a production that will go up in September, right around my mom's birthday. I'm excited to learn the music.

Tonight, however, I'm doing something completely out of the ordinary for me. Especially since pretty much everything I do is in some way related to making me a success at singing-- going to the gym, practicing, Rosetta Stone, going to lessons, getting manicures. So I decided it was probably a prudent idea to diversify just a tad. So, I'm helping a friend who has decided to make a feature-length indie film with her open call auditions tonight! I think it will be an interesting thing to learn about. I hope, for their sake, that it's nothing like as stuffy and scary as opera auditions, but that maybe I can learn something from this other take on performing.

I hope I look cute enough for indie film people.

Probably, they'll be wearing jeans with holes in them and stuff. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and Lots of earth tones and Skinny Jeans and scarves...Sorry We have alot of Indie Film kids at my school

This is Grace By the way

Anonymous said...

If they wear "ripped" jeans, you could always go dressed in tweed, and remember stand out from the crowd and you're bound to wind up a singing part in the next cult classic.