Thursday, April 10, 2008


I spoke to a consultant of sorts on the phone Tuesday night who kind of knocked me for a loop. Apparently I'm not getting any younger??? Apparently I'm not 23 any more? Oh my oh my. Which I knew of course.

So. I've had my little ass kicked and had a few things put into perspective. I am down to the very strict work of learning about 5 roles-- no more pussy-footing around with recital rep (even though I LOVE it). Roles, and audition arias, are all I'm allowed to think about, even to the exclusion of getting married for the next four months.

I will say this: I am completely one hundred percent ready for someone to drop a hot air balloon full of money, like maybe 50, 000 dollars, right in my back yard. In fact, I'm putting in my order for it right now. Oh the coachings and the traveling to competitions and the lessons I could pay for!!

Tonight, I brush up my music for an audition Saturday, and continue to wonder, what, if anything I have to wear that isn't black. That's another thing...I'm not allowed to wear black any more. I have to focus on looking young and pretty. When, after all this time, I've been trying so hard to appear worldly and sophisticated.

In other news, we've got a horse race coming up...just a little over a month away. I have a hat, now all I need is a Preakness dress, and I'll be set. Oh I am so excited. Gambling and eating and drinking all day in a pretty tent by the finish line. That's my kind of Saturday afternoon.

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