Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The week we've all been waiting for

Is, of course, Holy Week. Okay, not really. I'm just glad I'm not in the men's choir at my church-- they have to sing like 27 times this week. And I only have to sing four and two rehearsals.

In other, much more interesting news, I lost three pounds, and have a stunning new spring bag. It's creamy white leather-- exactly what I needed to cheer me up, since buying things for my wardrobe has been on hold until I've lost, well, about 15 pounds. And say what you want, but every girl is entitled to go completely bats over her weight when she has a wedding coming up. It will be the one time in my life I really have any true will power-- if I'm paying all this money, and saving every penny to pay for something as big as a wedding, I better look FABULOUS.

One exception I was willing to make to the "I don't buy another shred of clothing until I've lost 15 pounds" rule was a gorgeous black Ralph Lauren concert gown that was ridiculously inexpensive. It's a bit big, but I'll have it taken in--

I figure it might be time too, to get back on the wagon with the recital rep-- my new Sibelius set awaits, and, unlike any other singer in the world, I DON'T know all of the soprano solos in Messiah, so I figure I'd better get to work on them too, just in case. I need a place to wear the new black RL, and call me crazy, but a little Handel Messiah would be just the thing.

Have hot dresses, will travel. Hire me, people!

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Completely Coloratura said...

Congrats on losing a few! That's great. I think I lost a few pounds around Christmas (!), but unfortunately, I used the number on the scale as an excuse to eat a little more. HAVE to quit doing that...

I still need to learn the Messiah solos too. I got started on this last summer, but despite how much I love Handel, I unexplainably put them aside. Maybe we can learn them together. ;)