Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I like it!

Marzelline's Aria was suggested by none other than our dear blogging ACB. So I took it out, and low and behold, it totally works, at least from what I can see so far. AND I like it, which surprised me!

One little detail about me that I have had to keep kind of secret for most of my life, especially at conservatory, is that I really don't care for Beethoven. **And I can feel the shoes flying through the air directly at my head now** There's the odd piano concerto or symphony that I like, but most of it...well. It could be because playing Beethoven in college was the bane of my existence, over which I slaved for hours.

In other news, we're cleaning out our apartment. Doesn't that sound just great? And in this heat yet. Three huge bins of stuff for goodwill are ready to go today, and I think there's probably more. I hope so. Having a ton of stuff laying around has always bothered me...I LOVE the feeling of clearing the place out, cleansing, getting rid of things. I am in utter amazement that we even fit that much STUFF in the storage room to begin with. I think I would love to have one of those minimalist homes with like one chair and sofa and one bed and nothing else, all sleek and modern. But I have too much stuff.


John Brough said...

my wife and I asked this question to each other while cleaning out various storage rooms etc.

"When was the last time we used this?"

If the answer is more than 12 months - off to goodwill it goes. No questions asked, even if it was the most favorite thing we owned five years ago.

Getting rid of stuff is cleansing, and the amazing thing is - once it is gone, it only takes a few weeks before you ever remember even owning it.

Beethoven took a while to grow on me as well, especially the symphonies. A friend introduced me to Jordi Saval's recording of the Eroica, and my life changed in an instant.

Good luck with all your auditions - I'm amazed at your stamina for them!

Jessica said...

ahhh Beethoven! All those V-I cadences.

I think I probably need to listen to that recording too!

Thanks for reading, John!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the aria works well. Don't worry about Beethoven, Mozart is my bete noire, thank goodness he wrote so many great bass/baritone roles! Or I really wouldn't care for his stuff at all.

Re the minimalist appartment: where would you put your scores and CDs?