Friday, July 18, 2008


Oh my goodness!! So many great things are happening I can't even stand it. Last night I had the best dinner with Joe and Mel, and then we went to see The Gondoliers. IT was so much fun...I was smiling the entire first hour. There were lots of friends in the cast and I'm always impressed at how funny opera singers can be when you put them in the situation of having to be. Hilarious, especially Madeleine! And some very respectable singing too...It was a great night.

I am lucky to have some very generous singing friends. Because we all know that not everybody is like that. However, I must be doing something right, because lately, I've been just walking into great opportunities because of nice friends who share their experiences and recommend people to talk to places to go. The thing of it is-- not only is keeping all your musical activities secret from anyone who could be considered competition really boring and difficult, it's lame, and actually pointless. Since, simply by the law of attraction, peeps, if you share what you know with people, you're going to get some good tips too.

You don't need me to tell you that being away from your fiancee/husband/partner/best friend/mommy/treadmill/kitty for great stretches of time because of the mere fact that you've chosen to be a musician can really be a drag. So, I've been just a little bit worried about my upcoming month-long separation from my special someone. My friend Jess, who's really having some great successes with her singing lately, helped me get into a master class I've been dying to do for this summer. The great thing is that it will not only give me another reason to go to New York, but it will give me something to focus on and keep occupied in my first tough week of separation anxiety!

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