Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, people, it looks like I'm finally

getting myself together in some kind of coherent way. My problem/challenge has always been that I feel I could do well in a few of the heavier roles as well as the lighter, especially in Mozart-- but my lesson last night confirmed that I can be a very vocally happy Susanna, and still sing out. I will be content to dream about the big girl roles when and if they come. I also think that singing perhaps a little lighter than what I am capable of, in auditions, gives a panel room to think to themselves "My, but she just might make a Countess some day too!" (Okay, well, here's hoping.)

In terms of my audition package for t he fall, that is. In all other areas of my life, well, the jury is still out.

Here is what my delightful little "young lyric soprano" list is looking like, and, as always, comments and suggestions are welcome, unless you are a rude mean person.

1. Adieu, notre petite table
Which says: look at my middle-low voice, bitches. Look at me be dramatic and sad and sit on a G4 alllllllll day long like it's nothing. It is just so fabulously tragic too.

2. Quando men vo'
Which says: my high voice is in fine shape in case you were wondering, and I can sing a legato line. If I haven't been out drinking the night before.

3. O mio babbino caro
Which says: if you can sing this well and not make people feel like throwing up, then, well, WAY TO GO. Always a challenge to sing something so jaded. But it is smack dab in the middle of my current vocal situation, and it seems a pity not to get some use out of it. However, NO ONE ever asks for it unless you're actually singing for a role in Gianni Schicchi! So, it would have to be a starter or nothing at all.

4. Vedrai carino
Which says: Once again, folks, I've got a middle voice and some Mozart style, and can be cutesy-sexy if required.

5. Deh vieni non tardar
Which says: I am making this realllllly hard aria look easy. And there's a recit too!

6. Kiss me not goodbye
Which says: I don't really know. It's pretty, short, and ISN'T No word from tom. Which should be reason enough.

7. **Name of German Aria Here**
I'm thinking Sandman/Dew Fairy, because I don't want to do Ach ich fühls. I just plain don't want to. It's just SO painful. Do I HAVE to have a German aria???

There it is. I think it really makes sense. FINALLY!!! Now, to memorize the two Mozart pieces and things. While my soul dies a little to think that this rep list does in fact put me in probably the single MOST congested, competitive fach in all of opera, it's worth it to know I'm not going to be killing my voice before it's time singing bigger things than necessary...just thinking about all those other little adorable girls singing my same pieces makes me need a drink. Martinis anyone?


ACB said...

How about Marzelline for German? And think about exchanging Batti for Vedrai; you need something that shows some movement. Otherwise, it's a great list! "Adieu" will show them that you don't intend to remain a soubrette forever... :)

I can't remember how old you are, but I'm 32 and I'm still singing these arias. I'll likely be moving toward full lyric stuff in the next few years, but for now, I'm singing these roles with the womanly voice I have now. Those "little adorable girls" may be cute, but they sing like girls, and opera takes women.

Here's to a great audition season!

Jessica said...

Thanks, ACB! Marzelline is a great suggestion...better get out the old soprano arias album.

I guess I never realized until recently that I COULD sing those piece with my real voice and not sound ridiculous!

Anonymous said...


Reading your post is so timely because I am beginning to move into this region too. Your comment about it being the MOST congested is so spot on! Its been giving me stomach pains to go from where I thought I should be - higher, and only slightly less congested - to the flat out, most congested. And being so young to boot. I am going to have a rough road ahead trying to keep up with you girls. Yikes! But I know that it is where my voice is for better or worse and will only bring me good things to sing the right rep. And the same for you! I won't lie, ACB's mention of opera taking women not girls is pumping me up a little though.

I am so excited by the fact that you seem so generally happy in your posts lately. Good luck through the rest of the summer of audition season prep!

Lisa W.

Jessica said...

Lisa! You are the best. Thanks for reading and I know we're all going to be kicking some major a** at auditions this year...

Completely Coloratura said...

I know I'm getting in rather late here, but... Another German idea might be Bester Jungling (I'm too lazy for special characters), and it also shows movement.

I applaud you for not putting something crazy in there like Presentation of the Rose...haha. (Admittedly, I'm saying this not knowing your voice at all, but just based on your list...) I'm working on this right now, and it's a bit of a stretch. But, it was requested by someone for an audition, so I don't have a lot of choice.

Good luck with audition season!