Friday, January 30, 2009

It's already Friday

It's been quite a week, and mostly I am exhausted and slap-happy by now, and well, ready for a drink or four.

Would anyone like to make me a martini?

I barely slept last night-- I kept waking up with the Act One finale going in circles around and around in my head. This is a sign from god, of course, that I need to get a life.

"Replace fear with love for the project. Replace insecurity with confidence in your abilities"-- these were my voice teacher's wise words in an email this morning after working on Mi tradi in a lesson yesterday. I'm making some real head way with the piece, and in about a year, I should feel confident singing it. :)

Well, I'm working on it, Maestro. In the mean time, I need to make some more replacements:

Replace Bravo reality television with real friends and real activities.
Replace practicing with dancing (please, I need to dance it out).

Oh, and if the gods are listening, I wouldn't mind several snow days in a row. With just enough snow to get school canceled, but not enough that the bars close. OR the grocery store, because I am feeling inspired to cookkkkkkkk.


Stuart said...

I can't make you a martini, but I can go out with you for one. Call me, I'm home today. ;-)


alexis said...

i enjoy your blog.

Jessica said...

you guys are the best!