Monday, July 27, 2009


It's Monday, again, and I noticed just today how few of my blog posts are ever written on a Monday. Must be because I have not an ounce of wit or creativity left after dragging myself out of bed and into the gym for the first time after a weekend off. In any case, this weekend was fun-- church was painless, I had a coaching with Ms. G, there was a fun evening at Cinghiale for Ms. Z's birthday, and yesterday I bought a new sports bra and 2 for $5 flip flops at Old Navy. :) Talk about fabulous.

As for my singing, I find that my current dilemma is discerning the best choices of repertoire, based on who I am, what I look like, and what I know I is special about my voice. In my coaching on Saturday, I brought a few oratorio pieces that I like and have worked on casually for a while, just to get an opinion on what could potentially be a hit for me. I adore Bach. I mean I really do, and while most of it feels really painful for me to sing, I do have a nominal level of comfort with "Blute nur," from S. Matthew Passion. And I guess because I love it so much, I have been rationalizing it right into my repertoire. Truthfully, I am not sure I'm always thrilled to hear the chirpiest of little boy sounds doing the soprano solos, and in fact one of my very favorite B-Minor Masses ever had REAL soprani for soloists-- you know, the loud kind. Or kind of loud, at least. But honestly, if I could really knock the socks off of a Brahms' Requiem and an Elijah, there are Bach specialists for the Bach, and there is no sense putting myself in the hospital over it.

In other news-- I made a successful risotto from scratch with bacon and asparagus! It was divine, and I am getting excited about maybe taking a cooking course with Ms. Z, too, in all my spare time! Just what I need! Another un-profitable hobby!

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