Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday again!!! Time to blog

What a week since the last time I talked to you! The auditions were great, and they are over. I sang a very solid Donde lieta at one, and a semi-solid Je dis and very solid Fuggi il traditor at another. I have been working very hard lately at singing AS THE CHARACTER. Not as someone who is just pretending to be the character...which happens, I find, when I am singing with mostly technique in mind.

When we get back from this weekend's wedding, which, by the way, I am really looking forward to, I'll get to work on Rusalka, and start putting together a new recital program which will include just a ton of Brahms. Joe and I are addicted to Brahms.

I am really boring, actually. I pity any of you who try to read this!


ohmymessyhead said...

Your Punk-Rock sisters new blog

alexis said...

(i read your blog and i love it.)