Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Well, the riveting news today is that I went to the gym for day one of the opera singer/super model directive. I've got the height, I just need the skinny.

It was ACTUALLY fun to work out, I have to say, although I bet I will be sore tomorrow. One bad thing was that I forgot to get a bath towel from the desk and had taken off all my clothes and had a leg in the shower before I realized I didn't have a towel. That was a drag. But the gym is bright, new, clean and upbeat, and I am happy to be there, and very happy with how I feel after I'm done.

We're taking off for the beach tomorrow afternoon, and I have to say, at my level of brokeness, I just don't know how much fun can be had. But then, it doesn't cost a cent to lay on a beach. It's just the eating and the drinking, really, that's the problem. :) Ah, life! We'll be back in time, however, to mooch off my mother for the Fourth of July on her roof top deck... But with the sun shining, and a three day weekend, how can life NOT be fantastic?

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alexis said...

ahhh, i see. i feel you. except i didn't work out today. did you join BB by chance? 'cuz if so, you'd love Zumba.