Monday, August 17, 2009


Not that any of your are pining away or anything, but I'm back from the beach, and back to normal life, except with an absolutely killer tan. Almost normal-- I have to get my a** back in the gym-- just couldn't bring myself to do it today, my first day back at work. Sigh. After an incredible weekend-- one of my favorites in months!! The week at the beach was good too, let me tell you, but coming home is lovely, I must say. I think I am just in love with home. It is comfortable, and my cats are there, and my pots and pans and gigantic television and piano.

I was a little worried about the fact that I hadn't opened my mouth to sing in a solid five days-- but let's just say, I should do that more often! It was like riding a bike, only better, with a completely rested, easy sound and lots of focus in the lower middle, and an easy E-flat. Wowzers. It's a little sad that I didn't have any auditions to go to or anything, but now I know. Rest is a good thing, and obsessive practicing (or recording) is counter-productive. Which, at my ripe old age, I suppose I should know.

One of the reasons this weekend was so great was that, after having just finished the book of the same name, I went to see "Julie & Julia." It was just a purely wonderful movie and a fabulous way to spend an hour an a half or so. That was last night-- after I had spent Saturday and most of Sunday cooking, was a little worn out, and a lot emotional...why? No idea. I guess there is a little wonder involved in cooking for me, kind of like singing. Just like sometimes I still can't believe it when I sing something well, I couldn't believe it when I roasted a whole chicken all by myself and it was SO good, as was the stock I made out of the bones, and the pot pie I made with the left overs. Talk about satisfying.

Except that I will always prefer singing, because at the end of a performance, they clap for you, and you walk away and there are never dirty dishes.

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