Friday, November 20, 2009


Well, I survived work last night, and we've only one more to go, at least for me. Other people have to work the other performances. Whew. When I came home all I could think about was food. Cheese, noodles, bread, basically anything with cheese or carbs was all I could think about. I think working out in the afternoon must do that to a girl.

Ms. A and I were out to lunch the other day and were discussing pre-audition rituals, things we need, things that distract us, etc. It's particularly thrilling, since I'm always coming in from a three-hour ride in a vehicle, when an audition is in a studio at which I can rent a practice room to get dressed and properly warm up. That helps a lot. But the chattering thing outside the audition room is counter-productive for me-- everyone is nice, I have rarely had bad experiences with people trying to psych each other out, but A. mentioned, and I'm totally with her, what I need is time to THINK to myself about what is going on here. What I am doing. Who I am about to become as an actress. What my goals are for this particular opportunity. So, maybe the i-pod is our solution! And hey it doesn't hurt to listen to something that gets you a little pumped up about singing, almost as though you were not about to bare your soul and risk the public display of all your vocal flaws in the space of five minutes.

Here is my feel-good audition play list:

1. Beautiful, Akon
2. We're in the Money, 42nd Street, Original Cast Recording
3. Poker Face, Lady Gaga
4. Tubthumping, Chumbawamba
5. All the above, Maino with T. Pain
6. Us, Regina Spektor
7. Here I come, Fergie
8. Imma Star (Everywhere we are), Jeremih
9. Ray of Light, Madonna
10. Like a prayer, Madonna
11. Ave Maria, Franz Biebl, Robert Shaw Singers
12. In the Mood, Glenn Miller Orchestra
13. Jump, Flo Rida
14. Блажен муж (Blessed is the man), Rachmaninoff's Vespers, Robert Shaw Singers

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