Monday, November 23, 2009

things I like

because I have had one too many berry mai-tais:

1. Berry Mai-Tais!
2. The commercial with the Bach prelude from the first cello sonata
3. Hip-Hop anthems and the bravado that I feel while listening to them
4. Football???? who knew. I really am starting to like it, and I know Melanie will laugh and say it is stupid! :) It may mostly rest on the fact that a lot of the boys are cute.
5. Singing things like Butterfly or Liu and dreaming of it being for real
6. Advent, because it is the season of new beginnings, and then there is Christmas at the end
7. Good bread...not the dumb kind in printed plastic bags
8. Facebook: if you need to reach me with a super important message, please write me there, as I check it every seven minutes and am not ashamed to admit it. Okay, maybe a little ashamed.
9. Handel, especially at the holidays because it is spritely
10.When I know I have lots of exciting shows to watch on DVR

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