Monday, November 23, 2009


I can't believe I wasted a whole pork loin, a pound of mushrooms and six dollars on an absolutely horrific recipe. There were certain people I thought I could trust, like Martha and Ina. But it appears Martha, or whoever is running her recipe writing racket, because it couldn't possibly be her, with all the country homes and things she is constantly winterizing and spring cleaning, sorely transgressed against her readers with the recipe I tried the other night. Ina, for the record is still about 10-0, flawless as usual. Well, Martha is now I think like 5-1. The pork thing was nothing short of a disgusting disaster. I mean, we ate it. I like rinsed off the meat and put it in between two slices of bread with mayonnaise and it was edible. But these things really make me want to scream. They are disappointing and embarrassing and a waste of ingredients and aaaaughhhh!!!!!!! So I thought about what went wrong, and really nothing did-- I prepared it just as the recipe said I should. But I think I may have discovered an abiding dislike for sun-dried tomatoes. So that is another thing I can check off the list.

I did make one heck of a good dessert, though, to compensate for my losses-- a super easy and delightfully chocolatey pots de creme from a food blogger who is apparently brilliant. Oh my god this stuff is pure heavenly divinity.

Lest you think all I do is cook and eat (let's be honest, I do a lot of that), I also had quite a bit to drink with my darling friend who came into town to do a few auditions. Something about seeing a friend from a really different part of your life is so fun, and refreshing, especially realizing how far you both have come, and what has been accomplished. It's really rare to have a friend like this one, though, who you haven't seen in five years, and can pick up with like no time has passed.

With the operas and all, it was a very intense weekend, and I basically fell asleep last night at 8:30 pm, after my poor sad Ravens fan returned from the game and we wandered to a pub to get something for dinner. I think it's safe to say I'm ready for a few days off!

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