Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today’s soundtrack while going to work: Henri Mulet’s Carillon et Sortie. It is so pleasingly badass that it makes me feel fabulous and able to handle things in general. There is all this very low bass pedal action, and you just have to love that. Sometimes I think organists do not play things loud enough. They should play very loud, if at all possible. I am in love with the sensation of being surrounded and enveloped by sound. Of course, not every church is Paris Notre Dame, either. The reverb possibilities are not quite as extensive.

Oh my goodness, I’m not sure why, because I have been exhausted and broke most of the month, but I am just generally in such a great mood because Don Giovanni is going to be amazing. Also, when you need to learn music, it is especially great and fun when the music is Mozart. There are a lot of composers out there that I get a big kick out of, but his music…well, it makes me a better PERSON.

I’m not sure if Mozart would have really been thrilled that this is the effect it has on me. He may have wanted it to make me sluttier and drink more and have more fun. But in any case, I bet he would be pretty stoked to know that people still want to sing his stuff.

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