Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weight a second

I'm hesitant even to mention this, because it's kind of annoying to talk about calories. But the truth is, your girl is trying to lose a couple lbs before going onstage as opera's sexiest crazy person: Donna Elvira. The challenges for me so far have been: wine, well, wine, and thirdly wine. Also, time. Before I started rehearsing and coaching all this, I had a lot more time to make it to my yoga classes, and now I'm trying to make up for it by just walking reallly reallllly fast back and forth to work. I'm also using a fabulous little tool introduced to me by the marvelous Stu called My Fitness Pal, where you can log all your caloric intake and exercise and keep track of how you're doing each day. It's been amazing.

Except for one thing. I do not have the courage to weigh myself. I honestly don't think I've stepped on a scale in about 7 years, not counting the doctor's office, where I avert my eyes and I command the nurse not to tell me my weight. The problem is, when I have weighed my self in the past, its thrown me into a week long depression, the likes of which even wine and fabulous girlfriends, shopping and shoes cannot cure. In an act of supreme contradiction, I would eat cake or something silly like that, and then feel even worse.

So I have no concrete proof of how well I'm doing or not, just the vague notion that my clothes are fitting better. It's so ridiculous. Not to even mention the fact that my wardrobe consists mainly of skirts and leggings. The one being stretchy and other other not at all fitted, so it is silly to even consider them a way to judge. Of all the truly ballsy things I can do (including driving in Boston by myself) and have done, stepping on a scale is beyond my fortitude level.

I think I am just going to have to do it, and stop being silly.

I did discover this: singing opera for an hour (aka a coaching or rehearsal) burns 132 calories for a person of average build.

Not bad, eh?


BellaDiva said...

Now that's a nice piece of info to trot out when everyone's talking about their latest gym session - thank you! :)

Jessica said...

yes!!! Exactly!