Monday, January 07, 2013


And...we're back!

Oh man.  Monday comes tooooo quickly, when you've had a wonderful weekend and then, bam!  It's back to work.

My time with my family was spectacular.  There were babies and kids galore, and only one person asked me when I was having one!  It must be a record of some kind.

Yesterday was a day of wonderful things-- church was rather a breeze, the Ravens were amazing and Joe and I ventured to DC for a fabulous recital performed at the Phillips Collection by one of his old friends.  I have never heard Book IV of Albeniz' Iberia suite quite like that.  It was stunning.  I love going to concerts.  Sometimes I forget how cathartic listening to live music can be.

This weekend, I'm in New York again.  I can't wait.  I miss it!

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