Friday, January 04, 2013


So far, it's been a productive short week of work, and I feel set for the semester to start.  But not really ready to have Joe gone three days a week when his artist in residence stint begins next week!  We have been one of very few music couples who haven't had to spend lots of time apart. So now it's our turn.

So many great things have happened over the Christmas season, but I haven't had much downtime...lots of singing, tons of travelling.  So I am coming to you from my recliner in front of the tv...and although there is practicing to be done, and dinner to be made, and presents to prepare for our family get together tomorrow...I think I am here for the next few hours at least.

As the new year begins, I have some goals...get that high F in absolutely sound working order, stop eating so much refined sugar, oh, and all my resolutions!  And I really want to figure out how to get myself hired to sing the soprano solo in the Brahms requiem. It's a new goal to perform the piece because I just love it so very much and it suits me.  Brahms is definitely my homeboy.

I have learned lots of lessons this past year.  One of them is that singers so readily participate in their own abuse by going back for more to gigs that don't pay a professional wage, or pay on time. Part of this is that we need to keep singing and can't be sure that we'll be hired anywhere else.  I've been in that situation and it is endlessly frustrating.  Another way we perpetuate it is by patronizing coaches, pianists and teachers who do not treat us with respect.  The bottom line is that there is always a respectful way to say something to a person, and just because you have sung a wrong note or have made a rep choice someone doesn't understand does not mean you should be brow beaten.  We always know when there is something wrong, but sometimes it is easier to believe that we are truly horrible or a bad musician than to believe in our own ability and say no and walk away.  If you consider how truly immoral it is in any other area of life, outside the music business, to be rude to someone who respects your expertise enough to pay you for your time, and has come to you for advice, it puts the whole thing in perspective.

Okay... Back to my documentary watching... :) happy Friday!!!

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