Friday, March 07, 2008

I haven't posted in a thousand

And that's mostly because I have nothing really to say, not that I ever do, but, you know.

I may have mentioned that by Friday, I usually feel like death warmed over-- and look like it too. But, thanks to the visit of my sweet teacher R., today has been nothing but fun. All it took was that one hour of lunch time to put me in a great place for the rest of the weekend. Too bad our fun chat and her comforting words couldn't really do much for my hair. It's horrendous today. An absolute rats nest, and apparently irreparable, no matter what I try.

Last night church rehearsal was, well, fun, and coming home to watch LOST wasn't bad either-- everyone else was going out to drink, but I had no trouble making the decision to go home. Yesterday was a long one for me.

I am trying desperately to get motivated to get back to work on my recital rep for upcoming competitions and a recording we've planned to do during spring break, but I think it might be my allergies setting in again. Everything inside there just feels gummy and slow. This time last year I was deathly ill and trying to sing a Bernstein concert, so I guess it could be a whole heck of a lot worse.

Tonight, maybe I'll go to the movies for some brainless, inane entertainment-- the Will Ferell movie, please? And tomorrow it's more practicing and wedding appointments.

Happy weekend!

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