Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Being a blubbering lame idiot and other stories

I'm slowly pulling myself out of a Joe-leaving induced stupor of sad lonely lame-ness.

I REALLY cannot deal with some parts of being a musician and being married (soon!) to one. But I will, because I wouldn't be happy if I weren't doing my thing, and if he wasn't doing his. It's a rough life, but somebody has to go play concerts and do competitions all over Europe. Geez.

Yesterday, after I dropped him off, I was so glad I had sunglasses, because what happened to my face as I was driving back to work in the city crying was not good. My mom cooked me dinner, though, and lots of people called me, so that helped. When I finally got home to my empty house and sick little cat, I changed into jammies and started to feel myself getting sad again, so I quickly jolted myself back to reality and started gearing up to do battle with Mimi the sick cat who needed to be given her medicine. After that fun episode, I washed the dishes and got out the wedding invites to finish up while watching wedding shows on TV. This was a very bad idea. But I was able to fight the tears for the most part.

I've been getting lots of advice, from Pierce, Melly and others that the thing to do is keep really really busy and get a ton of stuff done. So, when the dentist called with an opening for a teeth cleaning this morning, I jumped on it. Omg. I just hate the dentist so much sometimes, but hey. We're getting stuff done, right? And tonight I have a lesson to prepare for the trip to New York this weekend.

So, we press on. Yes we do.

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