Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ohhhh I am up so early this morning, it's weird. I'm so excited about this weekend, and yesterday was so fun, and Barack is so fantastic, that I just can't help but be happy.

Melly came to help me yesterday with wedding crafts. Well, first, we went all the way out to Pikesville, a place that I, as a WASP, admittedly, don't belong, to check out a maternity clothing place in hopes of maybe finding her a dress for the wedding...but alas. It's only open approximately three hours a day. So, we just came home, made dinner, and did wedding projects while watching Judy Garland. It was awesome.

Today is the day, also, of my first mani/pedi in quite a while. Girls, it's sad to say, but I'm just not as high maintenance as I once was. I have traded fabulosity, it seems, for a wedding and a singing career. And I'm actually kind of proud of myself. M and I were talking last night about how much money we used to have and how we used to go shopping and get our nails done and go out ALL the time...and now she's saving for the baby that's coming, and I'm saving for the wedding, and, well, to pay for auditions. We have grown up. Somewhere in there, without even knowing, it happened, and we started choosing goals over immediate gratification.

My voice is coming back too, and I seem to have kicked this cold of mine-- just a few little pockets of mucus remain! Gross. I got the call last night to schedule the first YAP audition of the season, and it was certainly a wake-up call for this little soprano who has two new arias on the list that need some solidifying. Big time.

I can't decide what to wear for the shower tomorrow, but I am OH so excited. I feel relatively certain that I'll figure something out.

After tomorrow, it is BACK to reality, getting ready to plunge into tech week, and thanking god that my high D-flat seems to just always be there-- it's the other stuff I have to worry about.

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