Friday, August 22, 2008

wedding drama is beginning

The first official annoying situation is happening: officiant seems to have a conflict with the rehearsal the Friday before the wedding. It's my ONE wedding...come on, people!


Annie's Mom said...

That is annoying!! Is Thursday a possibility - I only ask because we had ours on a Thursday, and quite enjoyed the then relative peace and quiet of Friday!

I hope that prep for GS goes well in the coming days!

John Brough said...


Here was our wedding nightmare. About six months before our wedding, our reception hall called to say THEY had double booked us, and the other couple had actually booked first. Not sure how they couldn't figure that one out sooner, as we had booked the place a year earlier!

Anyhow, all worked out in the end - we ended up with a better venue, better food (for less money) and a free golf membership at the course that we had booked the reception at in the first place.

Enjoy the ups and downs of wedding planning - there will be good days, there will be hard days. But on the day - it is all worth it!

Anonymous said...

You should just start killing people