Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Please pat me on the back, because I actually did get some good work done on the score, even while sick.

I'm back at work, and not on the couch drinking juice and watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians while intermittently doing neti-pot. It's sad, but I had to go back to normal life some time. And I AM feeling a lot better. People have been asking me if I'm freaking out because I'm sick and I'm getting ready to go into a pretty crazy time for singing-- one show going up, a week later starting rehearsals for another, and then AUDITION SEASON AUUUGHH. And the answer is: No. I am not freaking out. I am zen, and have been miraculously imbued with ability to accept life as it comes. Today, that is. Tomorrow? I very well may be freaking out.

In other crazy, family-related news: My shower is Sunday, and it is no longer a surprise. My mom told me everything, just so everyone knows. She is SO unbelievably bad at keeping a secret, especially from me, that I find it hard to believe she ever tried to pull it off in the first place!!! What a goof-ball. Anyway-- it's more fun having something to really look forward to! I can't wait to see everybody, and really start getting excited about the wedding. It will be fun.

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