Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Never shall I touch a glue gun again

It was an intense few days, but I'm pretty sure MOST everything is done!

I tried to practice yesterday and my voice sounds HORRIBLE, so I think I'll have a lot of reconditioning to do when the whole things is over...or maybe it was just a bad night.

After today, Drew will be in charge of the Joe and Jess Wedding Show. And I will have a little time to shop for a few last things, and try to spend a bit of quality time with Musetta before leaving on the honeymoon!

Love it.

Bye for now!


Unknown said...

Jessica!! Happy Wedding Day!!! We are so thrilled to be here and watch you take your vows on this beautiful day in October. All our love, Jayme and Teri

Erin said...


An Untidy Mind said...

I have awarded you an Honest Blogger Award! See my blog post for details.