Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so tired

I'm still on Maui time, apparently, and can't fall asleep at the right times, resulting in a chronic lack of sleep problem. Driving to PA tonight for my lesson is going to be brutal. Oy.

But I need it. It's time for a tune-up.

Although, the week of relaxing, eating, drinking, spa-ing, and NOT thinking about singing at all, in the humid climate must have been good for my cords, as I surprised myself by vocalizing up to a VERY easy high e-natural. YES. Violetta, here I come. Just kidding. Lord knows the world doesn't need another aspiring Violetta. I aspire to much smaller things: could someone please grant me a freaking audition? I'm starting to feel bad about myself and a little worried, especially since I've been ADDING to my resume a lot this year.

Sunday I have a marathon orchestra rehearsal and run-through and I have to tell you I'm kind of dreading it-- there's a little awkwardness between the Marcello and I, but I think that after this Sunday we will have bonded.

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