Thursday, December 04, 2008

I will survive

the crazy end of the semester insanity that is infiltrating every corner of this place!

I came in this morning feeling so good, so happy, and so invigorated after the audition yesterday, and my first AVA audition experience. Intimidation lurks in every practice room-- but I USED it. I sang louder, prouder, and with more focus. I ran into a few singers I knew, and I met a mezzo at the pizza place around the corner who was just lovely and showed me where to go to get a practice room, etc.

I don't care that I spend my days wandering lost around cities, I don't care that I spend all my money on lessons and travel, I don't care that every night I sleep in a damp bed so that my humidifier can keep my throat moist in my desert of a bedroom, and I don't even care that every morning I wake up and the first thing I think about is my voice. I just love singing.

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