Monday, December 01, 2008


I'm back. And so are my cats. Oh how I missed them!!!!

I get scared sometimes when I think about what a crazy cat lady I could easily become. I remind Joe almost daily to keep me from getting another. Two is the limit. The absolute outer limit.

Well, kids, I'm back on the horse, and Wednesday, it's off to Philly for another audition. Joe can't join me on the road trip, so I will have to rely on the provided accompanist for the first time in months! Which is weird for me, actually, but the lovely thing about being a lyric soprano is that everybody knows your rep. And I'm not singing anything wild and wooly, so it should be okay. Although I'll miss Joe, it will be a fun Jessica day trip and I'll take myself out to lunch and maybe stop to shop on the way home. I am the kind of person that loves to be alone from time to time, and without those little breaks in the action I start to feel like I might scream. Because of familial obligations and Thanksgiving (I have lots of reasons to be thankful), I have had precious little Jessica time.

I did my nails last night (aren't you just thrilled I'm blogging about such important topics) and used a cheap nail polish that I must have neglected to throw out on my last nail-polish purging crusade. It looked like such a lovely color-- dark burgundy (which I always feel like wearing after watching The Hills)-- and today, already, it's chipped. Damn. Such an annoying color to put on evenly and properly, too, with no smudges.

Tonight, after my lesson with my teacher maestro extraordinaire, I will come home and finish decorating the tree. It's ten feet and has 1000 mini-lights. I've done the top and just need to finish up the bottom... when that's all done, we can start thinking about what a drag it's going to be to take it down in a month. oy.

And now, off to another fierce inner-acoustical extravaganza.

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