Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I had the worst time trying to get out of bed this morning, feeling groggy and generally icky, and like maybe I have swine flu. But the truth is, it's probably the drastic change in the weather more than anything. I say-- bring it on! Wash all the pollen away! Several cups of coffee later, I'm feeling a bit better.

Last night's attempt at watching American Idol (haters can hate) was soured when everyone showed up at 8:30 and we were just opening a bottle of champagne (no joke) when I remembered that I had completely blanked and didn't DVR the damn show! You should have heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth-- I screamed so loud when I realized what I'd done that I scared Pete the cat out of his skin. He bolted and ran faster than I've ever seen him. So we spent a little while trying to figure out how to connect to Sling Box, or banana sling, or whatever that thing is called to view it from Stu's TV at his house, and the poor man (as dedicated as ever to the AI and the fact that there was only an hour left to vote), walked all the way back to his place and burned the show to a DVD or something, walked all the way back and we finally got to watch American Idol Top 5. All the while he was texting me things like "you ruin my life" and "how could you be so stupid,"and "I'm going to keep studying for my huge exam tomorrow while this bastard burns" (I paraphrase), as if I didn't feel bad enough already. I could have lied and said that the TV somehow totally screwed it up and didn't record... there are so many lies I could have told...but I took responsibility and boy, was it painful.

Tonight is the Baltimore Concert Opera Puccini Evening, and I'm getting kind of excited. Despite the fact that I have nothing appropriately cute to wear in the this in-between/monsoonish weather. Maybe I should just blow off work and go shopping.

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