Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, I need to report back on the Handel thing first. Yesterday I took my allergy meds and poof! It was like magic! I CAN sing Handel (well sort of). hahahah. I try to avoid taking medicine unless I'm feeling really bad, but I need to just get it through my head that no judgements should be made about any repertoire of any kind without liberal servings of Zyrtec, over the course of several days, and...well, maybe not at all anyway during allergy season. Blast you, Baltimore pollen. I never thought twice about this stuff when I was in Indiana. But thank god for an East Coast city I can afford to live in!

This weekend is going to be fun. Lots of friends from the Don Giovanni I did in March are getting together tonight to watch another friend in Peabody's Dora at the Theatre Project. I am so excited. Except for one thing-- I have a huge zit. At my ripe old age, one would think I would be over the facial explosion thing. But I guess I'm not. Holy Concealer, Batman.

I am of course really hoping there is a lot of drinking afterward as well, since for once in my life I do not have to sing anything on Saturday! Vodka Soda, here I come.

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