Thursday, April 30, 2009

Puccini is good

I am not a reviewer. That is not and will never be what I do on this blog. But I had a really fun time last night at the Engineer's Club for the Baltimore Concert Opera performance of some of Puccini's most beautiful scenes. Puccini is one of those worlds in which whether beautifully or not so beautifully performed, you would still get a chill from a something.

It's hard to get over how beautiful and HUGE that house is, to begin with. It looks grand enough from the outside, and I'd been inside before, but never seen how far down and back the place's actually a place I think you could get lost if you weren't paying attention. It was a classy spread they had going last night, too, with a very enthusiastic crowd, all of them well liquored up by the third part of the program-- the scene from Madam Butterfly that I absolutely adore. One of the things that made the night so fun, of course, were my two fellow divas, Ms. N and Ms. A, both dressed to the nines, and we felt fabulous. All the gay men certainly thought we were. Okay, well, just like the three that we talked to.

Then I came home, where I found A and T and Joe, and life was good because he HAD remembered to tape American Idol. So we watched poor darling little Matt Giraud get voted off because America is dumb. But thank god it wasn't Adam.

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