Wednesday, April 08, 2009

spring suicide watch

When you are a singer, there is a special kind of hell that is called Holy Week. And you can pair that with the fact that now seems to be the time when lots of opera companies for whom I would like to sing saw fit to schedule their auditions for this week and next.

In all honesty, though, there is something fun and collegial about being in the whole thing together, isn't there? That all of us, the world over, are shredding our collective vocal cords on Misereres at Tenebraes this week when we all just want to be out dancing to Beyonce? It's cool, though. And I'll be glad I did it, fo sho, when the checks come down the pike.

My personal fave is Easter Vigil. Gotta love the dark church and the candles and all that (it's so delightfully theatrical), and then, the next morning, we all get to get up at god knows when and get our tails down to the church again to blow another vocal gasket trying to sing over the brass and timpani.

In other news, I am back from the beach wedding, which, PS, was beyond fun. I sang jazz with a mic!!! And it was actually good! The shocking realization in that moment was: "Geez! this is SO much easier than singing opera! Why would anyone work so hard to sing so loud when they have these things?"

Of course, I'm kidding, but it was kind of awesome to sing and feel like I didn't have to DO any work. American Idol, here I come.

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