Friday, September 04, 2009


Tomorrow I am singing a marathon wedding, by marathon, I mean there are a lot of pieces, and I am going to have to drive to the eastern shore in the middle of major beach traffic. The fact is that it will be an all day thing, and I am not getting paid nearly enough for it, but I will take any money I can get for singing. And I am really a little sad about how pathetic that looks when I see it written out on the page! :) Ahhh well.

In other news, I would simply love a pedicure, maybe I can get one this between practicing things like a fiend so that I won't forget my words for the recital Wednesday.

It will be a fun relaxing weekend, and for the first time in a while, I simply cannot be bothered to be too stressed out by the idea of a recital. I have spent a lot of time learning to sing, and by golly, I'm just going to do it! Now my anthem for church, on the other hand...what a killer.

Because I am obsessed by the concept of braising things, this week, pork shoulders were one sale, and it was like four dollars to buy this huge beautiful thing that I plan to cook in beer or madeira (can't decide which) with herbs and dijon and all that wonderful stuff for a few hours. I get scared when I realize what I am excited by these days! Cheap pieces of meat cooking for hours in the oven. Oh, and corn muffins. I am really turned on by those too.

What a Labor Day weekend it will be!!!

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Unknown said...

I'm turned on by corn muffins too :-)