Thursday, September 03, 2009


That was what you might call a break from blogging, because I simply didn't have anything worth writing! No new is not necessarily good news in blogging, at least for me, as I'm only usually in the mood to write when good things are happening that I can tell you about. I suppose that I have written about my self-doubt and crazy psychotic issues many times in the past but am becoming more and more uncomfortable with talking about it when I feel that way these days...not just in blog form. I tend to want to spend time at home, with myself and my internal drama, not talk about it (except for texts to cousins), cook up a storm, and take it out on my poor husband. :)

But as of late, things are going brilliantly well. I have a gig this weekend (money! huzzah!) and a recital at the beginning of the week with a friend. The function of which is to get my little self back onstage to get ready for auditions. I had a lesson last night that helped me work out a couple iffy notes in my passaggio that for some reason were just irking the hell out of me. OOOhhh annnnd my eee vowel. It hasn't been behaving since I took my little break. So now he is fixed, and things are as they should be.

I never anticipated that Rusalka could be so all-fired difficult to memorize. In fact, I was expecting it to be kind of an easy aria in general. But, friends, it is not. It's always the simple arias with the very sincere emotion and lack of psycho-bitch drama that trip me up. Because there is simply no where to hide any of your vocal flaws, rhythmic mistakes, or the occasional pitchy note.

In other news, I fully intend to try out Ina's new corn muffin recipe tonight! It will be fantastic with chicken chili. So perfect for this AWESOME weather!

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